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You know, I’m so glad to see the promos and the gifsets and the hype about season 10, but it still hurts to see Dean so nonchalant about the holy “Jerk/Bitch” thing he and Sam shared. To see him in his Demon state just having that interplay with Crowley? UGH! Talk about the FEELS.

I believe it will bring Sammy and Dean closer together when it all plays out, because we see Sam in a panic to recover Dean. It can’t all just be about making Dean ‘NOT a demon’, but more about ‘What have I done and how can I make this all right again?’

I’m hoping. I’m hopeful. I’m watching. I’m waiting.

They will bring it all around again. They haven’t failed us yet. We get to watch Sam and Dean, or, rather, Jensen and Jared—Awesome!—every week. They’re totally vested in the storyline and the characters. As are the rest of the SPN crew.

This is monumental. Ten seasons. We are watching history take place. I truly feel there will never be another show that brings everything together like Supernatural has to make it be what it is—a family. On set and extending to the fandom.

I will be here. Even if it kills me. Which it will. Every week. UGH!

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J2 gold panel summary


Jared says, “We just read what’s on the page.” Yeah. RIGHT.

If they could change one thing in all the series, what would it be? Jared would bring Ruby back. Jensen would bring back Edlund. (Audience: cheers)

Someone asks about Imaginary Lover who chose it? Not Jensen. Bob Singer. There are two songs I know about, uh, “self-loving,” and that’s one of them.

Little boy asked about new episodes. 23 episodes next season. Jensen asks how old he is—“Six,” the boy says.

"So we started doing the show four years before you were born," Jensen says, with that Oh-Dear-God-I’m-Old expression of dismay. Oh, HON.

Jared: Forensics helped me more for tv and movies that stage could ever have. It’s about differentiating different characters. I took Latin in school, and I was like, “Never gonna use THAT…”

What has been the greatest challenge and how have you grown during the series?

Jensen: “One of the biggest challenges is having to play different character but still keeping it within the vein of your character.” Future Dean was challenging, having to make that kind of different but the same distinction. Directing has made a difference in how he approaches acting. (which makes it much easier to ask my question in the meet-and-greet, yay)

Jared: Remembering to really enjoy the work. Love the process.

Fan asks about Sax underwear, then, How long is your average day of work? Jared did not hear the end of that, turned beet red, and turned away from the audience. Thereafter, any references to measurments were acccompanied by an arch tone and a raised eyebrow.

Father-to-be asks for parenting advice: Jensen said being a father trumped anything else. Jared had excellent practical advice—Sometime being a parent sucks. Sometimes it’s hard and you have to make sacrifices, and it’s not always easy. That’s normal, every parent feels that way. I don’t remember if he actually said it, but he clearly meant that it wasn’t something to feel guilty about. (I wish somebody had told me that before I had kids…)

And then Jensen, bless him, said that no matter how hard or uncomfortable it was for the new dad, that was nothing to what his wife was going through.

At some point, Jared commented that Jensen’s hair had been longer in the hiatus, and Jensen said that Demon!Dean’s hair was longer. Someone (shifty eyes) started applause, and Jensen said, “Calm down it’s not…” and gestured at Jared. Oh, HON…

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